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Top Career Opportunities Available in Physiotherapy Field

Physiotherapy is one of the important fields in health sciences. The demand for physiotherapy has been increasing in recent years and it continues to increase in the future. Many students overlook the physiotherapy course and miss the opportunity, but there has been a huge demand for the physiotherapy. The lack of information about the student fraternity is the main reason for lack of awareness among the students. 

Some of the top careers available in Physiotherapy are available are: 

Sports Therapist: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sports Therapists use a range of techniques and modalities to make sure the people involved in sports exercise and training and competing safely. 
  • The sports therapists are responsible to provide an immediate response when sport exercise related injuries occur and will have to rehabilitate the patient back to full fitness.
  • The sports therapists conduct the fitness level assessment on people involved in sport and exercise and advice on exercise prior to an event of fixture
  • The sports therapists test joints for ease and range of movement, pain and dysfunction
  • The sports therapists mentally and physically prepare sports people before a competition and use strapping, taping and massage techniques where necessary
  • The sports therapists provide emergency aid in a sport and exercise environment
  • The sports therapists examine and assess injuries and determine whether the sport and exercise participant can continue safely with the event or activity
  • The sports therapists rehabilitate injuries by using manual therapy techniques
  • The sports therapists design and monitor rehabilitation programmes appropriate to the injury and sport and level

Chiropractor: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The chiropractors apply specific force to free joints in the spine and other joints of the body with non-invasive techniques. 
  • The chiropractors are responsible to relieve pains, increase mobility and to get patients back to full health and movement.
  • The chiropractors take detailed medical histories from the patients, including information on previous injuries, surgery health and lifestyle
  • The chiropractors conduct physical examinations focusing on the spine and posture and noting the range of movement
  • The chiropractors establish an appropriate treatment or management plan with the patient
  • The chiropractors perform adjustments of the joints of the spine and extremities using hands and specialised equipments
  • The chiropractors educate and advise patients on rehabilitation exercises to aid long-term recovery and techniques to ensure health is maintained

Osteopath: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The osteopaths are responsible to provide advice on posture and exercise to encourage faster recovery and help prevent problems reoccurring. 
  • The osteopaths are required to take holistic approach to treat patients, looking at the underlying causes of the illness and not just symptoms
  • The osteopaths take detailed case histories from new patients, including both general health and specific symptoms
  • The osteopaths assess the patient’s general posture and check for restrictions or tensions in joints or muscles by asking them to perform a series of active movements
  • The osteopaths undertake physical examinations by using a highly refined sense of touch
  • The osteopaths make a working diagnosis and plan treatment in partnership with the patient
  • The osteopaths provide appropriate treatments using soft tissue techniques, gentle release techniques and other appropriate methods such as cranial osteopathy

Final Lines

The demand for physiotherapy professionals is gaining importance day by day. The field has diversified into various sub domains and new job roles are being created. The demand for MPT professionals will continue to rise in the coming days.

The students who are interested in fitness and want to find jobs in physiotherapy can join the MPT course after the completion of BPT to earn better salaries and expect better career growth.

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